Instant Add From Your Computer

Have you ever wanted to save an image from your computer to Stylebook? Now you can instantly send clothing or inspiration photos from your Mac to Stylebook (on your iPhone or iPad) using Apple’s new Universal Clipboard feature. This is a fast and easy way to get quality images into your Stylebook closet with almost no effort!

  1. Turn on Bluetooth and wi-fi on both your computer and iPhone (or iPad)
  2. Right-click the image you want to copy and select “Copy Image”
  3. Open Stylebook on your iPhone or iPad and select the “Paste” import option. Your phone will display a message that it’s pasting from your computer (see image below)
  4. Tap “Save”

NOTE: This only works between a Mac desktop or laptop and an iPhone or iPad. If your devices are having trouble seeing each other, try turning Bluetooth off and on for each device. Also, note that Bluetooth works at distances of 30 feet or less, so just make sure you’re close enough to your computer.

How to Delete Clothing from the Closet

deleting clothing from StylebookAs your wardrobe changes, you may want to delete clothing that you have donated or thrown away (or you may want to delete the examples!). When you delete a piece of clothing from the Stylebook closet, it’s completely removed from the calendar, packing lists and stats as well. Below are instructions on how to permanently delete clothing from your Stylebook closet.How To Delete Stylebook Examples

  1. Open the clothing item in the closet
  2. Tap the trashcan icon and confirm the deletion
    • If the item isn’t used in any outfits, it will be deleted immediately
  3. If the item is used in one or more outfits, you must edit or delete the looks before the clothing can be deleted. This prevents you from accumulating a lot of mysterious half-complete outfits. deleteclothes_tips_stylebook3
    • You can view the outfits that contain the piece of clothing you’re trying to delete by tapping the “View Usages” button after tapping the trashcan icon.
    • You’ll be presented with a grid of the outfits – you can choose to delete or edit them.
    • To delete outfits, tap “Select”, choose the outfits you want to delete (or tap “All” to select everything), then tap the trashcan icon at the bottom of the screen. This will delete all of those outfits from the app.
    • To edit the outfits, tap the thumbnail of the outfit you want to alter and then tap Edit so you can remove or substitute the piece of clothing.
    • Once you’ve deleted the outfits or removed the clothing, you can delete the piece of clothing.

NOTE: If you simply want to remove the clothing items from your main closet, but want to reference the stats or calendar data later, simply refile it to an “Archive” or “Retired” folder. Here are posts on how to create custom categories and refile items

How To Save Clothing Notes

How To Add Notes To Your Stylebook ClosetSaving notes on your Stylebook clothing entries will help you quickly search your digital closet to find specific items, or browse for items based on certain characteristics. In the closet feature, you can add notes on color, fabric, size, season, brand, status, URL, and searchable keywords. I find searching my closet notes helpful when I’m shopping because I can double-check to see if I already own similar clothing. You can only take advantage of all the search features if you add notes to your closet items. Here’s how! Continue reading

How To Reorder Icons

How To Reorder Stylebook Clothes and OutfitsDid you know that you can change the order of the clothing items and outfits inside your Stylebook categories? Rearranging your items is helpful if you want to organize your clothes by color or  move your in-season clothes to the top of the page. Below are instructions on how to move items around inside the Closet, Looks, and Inspiration features:

  1. Open the category in the closet, looks, or style insprations
  2. Tap “Select” at the bottom of the thumbnail screen
  3. Hold your finger over the item you’d like move and then drag it to where you’d like it to be positioned
  4. Tap “Done” when your finished rearranging items to save the new order


Note: In the closet, you can rearrange icons inside the subcategory folders but not while in “View All” mode  

How To Replace A Closet Image

How To Replace A Closet Photo In Stylebook

If you rushed through your Stylebook closet photos, you may find yourself wanting to update some of the entries with better pictures. The “Replace Image” feature allows you to permanently update a clothing item’s photo while still keeping the original entry’s notes, outfits and Style Stats. This is very convenient if you want to take clothing photos quickly just to get them in your Stylebook closet, but then want to update the images with better-looking photos when you have the time.

How To Replace A Clothing Image In Stylebook

  1. Open the clothing item inside the Closet
  2. Tap the notes icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap “Replace Image” on the bottom right
  4. Choose how you’d like to import the image (Paste, Take a Photo, or Choose From Album)
  5. Edit the new image
  6. Tap Save
  7. All of the outfits, calendar entries, packing lists, etc. will be automatically updated with the new picture

Image Replacement In Stylebook Closet App

Note: You can see the updated outfits by tapping the “Used In Outfits” button on the notes page. This will display all of the outfits where that particular piece of clothing appears. Since you used Replace Image, all of the outfits with the old photo will be automatically updated with the new photo you just added.

Using Multiple Colors In Stylebook

How to select multiple colors in the notes of StylebookEach clothing entry in Stylebook has its own notes page where you can assign one or more colors to a single item. You can search for clothing by color while creating an outfit. Style Stats also breaks down your wardrobe by color, which can be helpful when you’re out shopping. Selecting multiple colors is particularly helpful for patterned items that may have two or more colors. Below are instructions on how to use this notes feature (including tips for people who are colorblind). Continue reading

Find The Best Sales

How To Find The Best Sales With Stylebook Closet App Stylebook’s shopping feature is more powerful than ever now that you can browse and sort items by price! By default, shopping items now display the price under each thumbnail so you can quickly spot items in your budget, with sale items shown in red). There are also a few other tools that will help you search sales to find your favorite items like designer jeans and shoes! Note that any of the searches below can be combined with searches for specific categories, designers, and stores. Continue reading

Outfit Shuffle™ – How To Generate Outfits

How To Get Stylebook To Make Outfits For YouGet inspired by the clothes you already have by letting Stylebook make outfits for you! The Outfit Shuffle™ feature will shuffle your closet like a deck of cards to reveal outfits already hiding in your wardrobe. Here’s how it works: Select a few categories and then the app will randomly generate ten outfit ideas. Next, you can choose to save the looks your like or go back and shuffle again. Have fun looking for combinations that you’ve never tried before and breathe new life into your existing wardrobe. It’s kind of like playing the fashion lottery! (Available in Stylebook 7.0) Continue reading

Multiple Import

How Import Multiple Items Into StylebookOnce you’ve mastered how to take photos that work with Stylebook’s background tools, you’ll probably want to add the bulk of your wardrobe to your virtual closet as quickly as you can. We always recommend starting with your favorite in-season clothes first, so you don’t get overwhelmed by trying to add everything. If you do decide to jump right in and add a large number of clothes, then you’ll want to know about our multi-import options! If you select the “Take Multiple Photos” option or turn the “Continuous Import” setting on, you’ll be able to add items one right after the other, without reopening the import screen for each  photo. Read how below! (Available in Stylebook 7.0) Continue reading