Adding a Photo of Yourself to an Outfit

stylebook_addselfieHave you ever wanted to add a photo of yourself to a Stylebook outfit? Adding a selfie is a great way to remember how you styled a look rather than taking notes, and it’s super easy. We recommend you import images of yourself as Style Inspirations. Inspiration images can be added to outfit collages without changing your Style Stats, so it’s the best way to store them. Here’s how to do it!

  1. Add photos of yourself  to an Inspiration folder (you can add photos from the Camera Roll or take a new image)
  2. Once the image is imported into Inspirations, tap the thumbnail to open it
  3. Tap “Add To Look” and you’ll be able to add it to an existing or new outfit

Here’s an example from a user who has been doing this for a long time!



Shopping – Save Images, Bookmarks and Wishlist Items


Browse our list of retailers in the shop section to look for the perfect additions to your wardrobe and even add your own shopping websites as bookmarks! The clipper tool lets you save images of your purchases to Stylebook instantly. Below are instructions on how to use the various Shop features, including how to add your own stores, add images to your closet and how to create a wish list.  Continue reading

How To Photograph Jeans

Jeans_Tips_StylebookThere are about a million ways to photograph your jeans. You don’t have to stick to the rigid “paper doll” style that many catalogs use; in fact, other styles can be faster to set up. Have fun and experiment with taking pictures that are more dynamic! You can try folding them or laying them out in a way that suggests motion. I personally like the style with the legs pointed up that I spotted on Audrey Coyne’s Instagram. Continue reading

Zoom Into Thumbnails

ThumbnailZoom_StylebookIf you’re like me and you own multiple pairs of black jeans, you probably need help distinguishing them while looking at the thumbnails. Now you can zoom into any thumbnail without opening the item using 3D Touch. This works in the closet, inspirations, outfits, calendar and even on the little thumbnail preview at the bottom of the outfit editor.

  1. When you see a thumbnail you want to enlarge, tap and hold it firmly with pressure as if you’re pressing a button halfway down. The thumbnail will become a nearly full screen preview.
  2. Let go and it will automatically zoom back out.

Note: If you continue to press all of the way down the thumbnail will open completely. If this happens simply press the back arrow on the upper left to return to the original screen.

Note: 3D Touch is available on the iPhone 6S and up and is not available on the iPad.

Style Stats Range


Stylebook provides a wide range of statistics on your wardrobe. The more you use the calendar feature, the more information you’ll get on how you wear your clothes. This can help you strive toward #30wears with “Worn History” or help you figure out if an expensive purchase was worth it with “Cost-Per-Wear.”

Adding a time range to these stats can give you even more insight into recent habits and even reveal some neglected items that could be used more. Here’s how to set a range:


The date range filter is available for Worn History, Cost per Wear and Not Logged on Calendar.

  1. Open the appropriate statistic inside Style Stats
  2. Tap “Range” on the upper right
  3. Select your time range from the list
  4. Tap Done
  5. A banner will appear at the top above the filtered grid indicating which date range you have chosen

This is a great way to see your stats without seeing old pieces that you may have filed in an “archive” or “retired” folder.

Note: The default time range is “All Time.”

Move and Copy Calendar Entries

Stylebook offers two calendar features that make outfit planning easy! The first is the move feature, which allows you to move an outfit or piece of clothing from one date to another. This is particularly helpful if you accidentally added an item to the incorrect date.

The second feature is copy, which allows you to add the same outfit or clothing item to more than one day while keeping the original entry intact. I recommend this to those with a capsule wardrobe, who plan to repeat an outfit more than once over the month.

How to Move an Outfit and Clothing Item to a New Date

  1. Open the calendar
  2. Tap the date that contains the item you would like to copy
  3. A list of items you saved to that date will appear. Swipe across the line that contains the outfit or item you’d like to copy
  4. Tap “Move”
  5. Select the date where you would like the entry to be relocated on the calendar grid pop-up

After being moved, the item (an outfit in this case) will no longer appear on the original date because it has been relocated to the selected date. As you can see in the image below, the outfit with the red sweater has moved from December 7th to December 30th.

How to Copy an Outfit and Clothing Item on the Calendar 

  1. Open the calendar
  2. Tap the date that contains the item you would like to copy
  3. A list of items on that date will appear. Swipe across the line that contains the outfit or item you’d like to copy
  4. Tap “Copy”
  5. Select the date where you would like the duplicate entry to appear from the calendar grid pop-up

After being copied, the item (an outfit in this case) is duplicated and also assigned to a secondary date. In the images, you can see that the original outfit is on December 7th and the duplicate is on December 20th.

How to Create and Share a Packing List Infographic

Here’s how you can create the perfect packing list infographic using your own clothes for Pinterest! The infographic generator instantly creates pin-worthy packing lists right inside Stylebook! These images include your clothing, outfits, and banner image from the selected packing list. They can be pinned, emailed, posted or sent in a text.

  1. Open the packing feature
  2. Select the packing list you want to share
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the packing list and tap “Shareable Infographic” to create the graphic
  4. Tap the share button at the bottom of the infographic screen  to pin, email, text or post to Facebook

Tip: You can even print the graphic by selecting the print option in the bottom row of the share  pop-up! 

Below is how my Hawaiian packing list looks as a Pin! Share your best packing lists to inspire others to create stylish and efficient packing lists! 


Instant Add From Your Computer

Have you ever wanted to save an image from your computer to Stylebook? Now you can instantly send clothing or inspiration photos from your Mac to Stylebook (on your iPhone or iPad) using Apple’s new Universal Clipboard feature. This is a fast and easy way to get quality images into your Stylebook closet with almost no effort!

  1. Turn on Bluetooth and wi-fi on both your computer and iPhone (or iPad)
  2. Right-click the image you want to copy and select “Copy Image”
  3. Open Stylebook on your iPhone or iPad and select the “Paste” import option. Your phone will display a message that it’s pasting from your computer (see image below)
  4. Tap “Save”

NOTE: This only works between a Mac desktop or laptop and an iPhone or iPad. If your devices are having trouble seeing each other, try turning Bluetooth off and on for each device. Also, note that Bluetooth works at distances of 30 feet or less, so just make sure you’re close enough to your computer.

How to Delete Clothing from the Closet

deleting clothing from StylebookAs your wardrobe changes, you may want to delete clothing that you have donated or thrown away (or you may want to delete the examples!). When you delete a piece of clothing from the Stylebook closet, it’s completely removed from the calendar, packing lists and stats as well. Below are instructions on how to permanently delete clothing from your Stylebook closet.How To Delete Stylebook Examples

  1. Open the clothing item in the closet
  2. Tap the trashcan icon and confirm the deletion
    • If the item isn’t used in any outfits, it will be deleted immediately
  3. If the item is used in one or more outfits, you must edit or delete the looks before the clothing can be deleted. This prevents you from accumulating a lot of mysterious half-complete outfits. deleteclothes_tips_stylebook3
    • You can view the outfits that contain the piece of clothing you’re trying to delete by tapping the “View Usages” button after tapping the trashcan icon.
    • You’ll be presented with a grid of the outfits – you can choose to delete or edit them.
    • To delete outfits, tap “Select”, choose the outfits you want to delete (or tap “All” to select everything), then tap the trashcan icon at the bottom of the screen. This will delete all of those outfits from the app.
    • To edit the outfits, tap the thumbnail of the outfit you want to alter and then tap Edit so you can remove or substitute the piece of clothing.
    • Once you’ve deleted the outfits or removed the clothing, you can delete the piece of clothing.

NOTE: If you simply want to remove the clothing items from your main closet, but want to reference the stats or calendar data later, simply refile it to an “Archive” or “Retired” folder. Here are posts on how to create custom categories and refile items