How to Clone Outfits

How to clone outfits in Stylebook

You can duplicate an outfit with the clone feature. This is particularly useful when you’re remixing your closet and you want to make a similar outfit with a few new elements. I often use this feature when I plan my outfits for the #10x10challenge (remixing 10 pieces of clothing over 10 days). These outfits contain many of the same elements, but they’re completely different looks so I want to save them as individual outfits. Basically, I start with one look, save it, and then clone it and swap out some of the pieces. Continue reading

How to Use the Stylebook Calendar 

Stylebook Calendar Feature How To GuideStylebook’s calendar feature is perfect for outfit planning anywhere and anytime. Since your closet is on your phone, you can figure out what to wear for the next week or upcoming events whenever you have a free moment, saving tons of time getting dressed. The app is also a great tool to keep track of what you wore. If you’re not a planner, then record what you wore at the end of the day (the app will remind you if you set up alerts). You can even add searchable notes to each date. This is perfect if you don’t want to repeat an outfit in front of the same people. Then you won’t feel like you meed to buy something new. Continue reading

5 Ways to Add Your Tops to Stylebook 

There are a lot of different ways to photograph your tops and blouses for Stylebook, and I’m going to walk you through the ones I use. I’ve listed them in descending order with the fastest technique first. You can also see how the final results look in my examples. Before you read the styling tips, don’t forget to read my basic photo setup tips below! Choose whichever method or methods works best for you! Continue reading

Save Your Beauty Inspiration Images

The inspiration section isn’t just for outfit images – you can save beauty inspirations, too! I got the idea to save my hair and makeup inspiration inside Stylebook after taking a makeup class at Sephora. During the class, the instructor gave everyone a makeup map, so we could recreate the makeup look at home on our own. I needed a place I could reference it, so I snapped a photo and added it to a custom inspiration category called “Haircut / Makeup.” It’s super easy to look up since the app is searchable, and I group all my everyday beauty ideas together with the reordering feature. I’ve also saved various beauty inspirations from online using the Clipper tool. Continue reading

7 Easy Methods for Starting Your Stylebook Closet

Stylebook can help you get more out your closet, but first, you have to add your clothes! Over the years, we’ve heard from customers about how they efficiently entered their clothes, along with exclamations that they were so happy once they had! We wanted to share some of their ideas for starting a Stylebook closet. Adding your images might take some time now, but you only do a big upload once, and then you’ll save time every morning you get dressed. A little up-front effort goes a long way!

Pick the method you like best or try a combination of multiple methods, so you can get started and start reaping the benefits of your Stylebook closet. Don’t forget the basics on how to setup your photos for the best results. Continue reading

Adding a Photo of Yourself to an Outfit

stylebook_addselfieHave you ever wanted to add a photo of yourself to a Stylebook outfit? Adding a selfie is a great way to remember how you styled a look rather than taking notes, and it’s super easy. We recommend you import images of yourself as Style Inspirations. Inspiration images can be added to outfit collages without changing your Style Stats, so it’s the best way to store them. Here’s how to do it! Continue reading

Shopping – Save Images, Bookmarks and Wishlist Items


Browse our list of retailers in the shop section to look for the perfect additions to your wardrobe and even add your own shopping websites as bookmarks! The clipper tool lets you save images of your purchases to Stylebook instantly. Below are instructions on how to use the various Shop features, including how to add your own stores, add images to your closet and how to create a wish list.  Continue reading

How To Photograph Jeans

Jeans_Tips_StylebookThere are about a million ways to photograph your jeans. You don’t have to stick to the rigid “paper doll” style that many catalogs use; in fact, other styles can be faster to set up. Have fun and experiment with taking pictures that are more dynamic! You can try folding them or laying them out in a way that suggests motion. I personally like the style with the legs pointed up that I spotted on Audrey Coyne’s Instagram. Continue reading

Zoom Into Thumbnails

ThumbnailZoom_StylebookIf you’re like me and you own multiple pairs of black jeans, you probably need help distinguishing them while looking at the thumbnails. Now you can zoom into any thumbnail without opening the item using 3D Touch. This works in the closet, inspirations, outfits, calendar and even on the little thumbnail preview at the bottom of the outfit editor.

  1. When you see a thumbnail you want to enlarge, tap and hold it firmly with pressure as if you’re pressing a button halfway down. The thumbnail will become a nearly full screen preview.
  2. Let go and it will automatically zoom back out.

Note: If you continue to press all of the way down the thumbnail will open completely. If this happens simply press the back arrow on the upper left to return to the original screen.

Note: 3D Touch is available on the iPhone 6S and up and is not available on the iPad.

Style Stats Range


Stylebook provides a wide range of statistics on your wardrobe. The more you use the calendar feature, the more information you’ll get on how you wear your clothes. This can help you strive toward #30wears with “Worn History” or help you figure out if an expensive purchase was worth it with “Cost-Per-Wear.” Continue reading