Shopping – Save Images, Bookmarks and Wishlist Items


Browse our list of retailers in the shop section to look for the perfect additions to your wardrobe and even add your own shopping websites as bookmarks! The clipper tool lets you save images of your purchases to Stylebook instantly. Below are instructions on how to use the various Shop features, including how to add your own stores, add images to your closet and how to create a wish list. 

Clipper Tool

Save images from websites, just be sure to click through to the product image before clipping! This is a great way to save your purchases without taking photos of your clothes!


  1. Enter any website into the URL box or select from your bookmarks by taping the bookmarks icon at the top on the screen. (If you want to search, enter a search engine URL, for example
  2. Open the image you want to save. We recommend clicking through to the largest view to get a high-quality image.
  3. Once the screen has fully loaded “+Clip” will be available. Tap “+Clip” on the top right. You’ll see a preview of the images available to clip. If more than one is a valuable they will appear in a grid. 
  4. Tap your image to select it to see a full screen preview. If more than one image is available, you’ll be able to swipe through the full screen images. 
  5. Tap “Import” on the top right to add to your closet or inspirations 
  6. Use the background removal tools to edit the image. Slide the slider back and forth to adjust the automatic removal and then clean up any extra spot with the eraser. If you slide all of the way to the right you can just keep the background. 
  7. Save your images


Tip: Navigate back and forward between pages with the arrows on the lower left. 


You can add, edit, reorder or delete bookmarks in the list. Stylebook comes with a catalog of some of our favorite shops, but you can bookmark any store website or inspiration website you’d like!

How to Add a Bookmark

There are two ways to add a shop to your bookmarks:

  • Open the main Shop screen and tap “Add Bookmark” at the bottom of the Bookmarks page on the main shop page.
  • Open the clipper and enter your URL. Then tap the star at the bottom of the screen and select the star icon and chose “Save Bookmark.”

How to Edit a Bookmark

  1. From the main Shop screen, tap the Edit button on the top-right corner
  2. Tap the name of the store or website you’d like to edit 
  3. Edit your information in the “Edit Bookmark Details” pop-up and select save


How to Delete a Bookmark

To delete a bookmark, enter Edit mode and then tap the red minus symbol next to the shop name.

You can also swipe across the bookmark name and tap the red Delete button.

How To Reorder Bookmarks

  1. From the main Shop screen, tap the Edit button on the top-right corner
  2. Press and hold the reordering icon next to the bookmark name (it looks like three grey lines)
  3. Drag the bookmark to a new position. For example, you could put your favorites at the top of the list! 

Wish List 

Save product links or text wish list items. Save specific products to your wishlist and see them all in one place with a photo preview.

Adding To The Product Wish List 

  1. While browsing shops in the bookmarks or clipper tool, tap the star on the bottom of the screen while on your desired product page. 
  2. Select “Add to Wish List”
  3. Choose an image thumbnail 
  4. Tap “Save”Clipper_slides4

Edit the Product Wish List 

  1. Open the Wish List
  2. Tap “Select” on the bottom right
  3. Select the items you would like to remove and tap the trashcan icon

Text items are perfect for items you’re hoping to add to your wardrobe but you haven’t found the right one yet. For example, you could write “cashmere cardigan” or “dark wash jeans.”Clipper_slides5

Adding Text Wish List Items 

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Shop screen and tap “Add Text Item”
  2. Type your item 
  3. Select Save 

Edit Text Wish List

To delete items from the text wish list, tap the Edit button in the top-right corner of the Shop screen. Tap a wish list entry to open it.

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