Zoom Into Thumbnails

ThumbnailZoom_StylebookIf you’re like me and you own multiple pairs of black jeans, you probably need help distinguishing them while looking at the thumbnails. Now you can zoom into any thumbnail without opening the item using 3D Touch. This works in the closet, inspirations, outfits, calendar and even on the little thumbnail preview at the bottom of the outfit editor.

  1. When you see a thumbnail you want to enlarge, tap and hold it firmly with pressure as if you’re pressing a button halfway down. The thumbnail will become a nearly full screen preview.
  2. Let go and it will automatically zoom back out.

Note: If you continue to press all of the way down the thumbnail will open completely. If this happens simply press the back arrow on the upper left to return to the original screen.

Note: 3D Touch is available on the iPhone 6S and up and is not available on the iPad.

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