Style Stats Range


Stylebook provides a wide range of statistics on your wardrobe. The more you use the calendar feature, the more information you’ll get on how you wear your clothes. This can help you strive toward #30wears with “Worn History” or help you figure out if an expensive purchase was worth it with “Cost-Per-Wear.”

Adding a time range to these stats can give you even more insight into recent habits and even reveal some neglected items that could be used more. Here’s how to set a range:


The date range filter is available for Worn History, Cost per Wear and Not Logged on Calendar.

  1. Open the appropriate statistic inside Style Stats
  2. Tap “Range” on the upper right
  3. Select your time range from the list
  4. Tap Done
  5. A banner will appear at the top above the filtered grid indicating which date range you have chosen

This is a great way to see your stats without seeing old pieces that you may have filed in an “archive” or “retired” folder.

Note: The default time range is “All Time.”

4 thoughts on “Style Stats Range

  1. Margaret Tom says:

    Is there a way to calculate the total cost of new pieces for a season? I do Capsule wardrobes and I would like to determine the cost of, for instance, my purchases for the Summer season.


  2. TC says:

    Is there a way to get color stats for just one category (sweaters for example) so I can tell if I have an large bias towards one color or something like that?


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