How to Create and Share a Packing List Infographic

Here’s how you can create the perfect packing list infographic using your own clothes for Pinterest! The infographic generator instantly creates pin-worthy packing lists right inside Stylebook! These images include your clothing, outfits, and banner image from the selected packing list. They can be pinned, emailed, posted or sent in a text.

  1. Open the packing feature
  2. Select the packing list you want to share
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the packing list and tap “Shareable Infographic” to create the graphic
  4. Tap the share button at the bottom of the infographic screen  to pin, email, text or post to Facebook

Tip: You can even print the graphic by selecting the print option in the bottom row of the share  pop-up! 

Below is how my Hawaiian packing list looks as a Pin! Share your best packing lists to inspire others to create stylish and efficient packing lists! 


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