How To Save Photos From Pinterest To Stylebook

Adding Pinterest Photos To StylebookPinterest is a huge source for fashion inspiration! If you want ideas on how to wear boots, for example, you can find thousands and thousands of images. It’s understandable that you may want to save some of your absolute favorites to your Stylebook inspiration library for personal reference while working on your wardrobe. Below are instructions on how to do just that!

When you’re inside the Pinterest app, follow the steps below to save the image into Stylebook:

1.In the Pinterest app, open the Pin you’d like to save

2.Tap the icon that looks like three dots at the top of the screen

3.Choose “Download Image” from the pop-up (this will save the photo to your Camera Roll)notes_tips_stylebook2

4.Open Stylebook and then import the saved image using the “Choose from Album” optionnotes_tips_stylebook3

5.Once the photo is saved to Stylebook, you can delete it from your photos app to save space on your device.

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