How To Save Clothing Notes

How To Add Notes To Your Stylebook ClosetSaving notes on your Stylebook clothing entries will help you quickly search your digital closet to find specific items, or browse for items based on certain characteristics. In the closet feature, you can add notes on color, fabric, size, season, brand, status, URL, and searchable keywords. I find searching my closet notes helpful when I’m shopping because I can double-check to see if I already own similar clothing. You can only take advantage of all the search features if you add notes to your closet items. Here’s how!

How To Add Notes

There are three different places where you can update the notes:

  1. Import Page – As you add a new image to the closet, tap the notes icon at the bottom of the “Import Image” page. This way, you won’t have to track the item down after you’ve imported it.
  2. Closet Entry – If you want to add notes to items that are already inside the closet, this method is for you. Open the clothing item inside the closet to the full screen view and select the notes icon at the bottom of the page.
  3. Bulk Edit – This allows you to add notes to multiple items inside the same category at once. Open the closet category (or do a closet search for the items you want to modify) and tap “Select” at the bottom of the screen. Tap the items you wish to add notes to, and then tap the Notes icon. This is handy if the items you want to edit are from the brand or if they are all made of the same material.Where To Add Notes In Stylebook


Adding keywords in the notes box at the top of the details screen allows you to assign searchable terms to your clothing. You can add words like “favorite” or style descriptives like “minimalist” or “gamine”.

Tagging Clothes Inside Stylebook App


Tap the color field and then tap the color square or squares you’d like to assign to the item. Selected colors are marked with a check.  You can assign multiple colors to a single item of clothing. If you want to clear all of your selections, tap “Uncheck All” at the bottom of the color page. To deselect a single color, simply tap the square a second time to uncheck the box. We have more details on saving colors here.

Selecting Multiple Colors In Stylebook

Brand & Fabric

Tap the brand or fabric field and then type in the name you want to add. Stylebook remembers previously entered brands and fabrics so you don’t have to type them again after the first entry. To add a previously entered name, scroll through the list of names, and tap the one you want. A check mark will appear next to the name after you’ve selected it.

Note: Stylebook remembers all of the names you enter (even misspellings!). If you want to remove or edit a fabric/brand name from the suggestion list, you can use the search feature to find the items with that particular fabric/brand name and clear or change the name.

Updating Brand & Fabric


Tap the field and enter the item’s size


Tap the field and select the season (or seasons) from the dropdown menu.


Use this field to mark if a piece of clothing is at the dry cleaner, in storage, etc.

Stylebook Notes Page


If you save an item directly from the Stylebook shopping feature, the URL to the store’s product page will automatically save here. Otherwise, you can tap the field and manually enter the product URL.

Once you’ve already entered a URL, you can choose to either open the website page or edit/delete the URL. Tap the filled-in URL field and then select which action you’d like to take.

Editing URL on Stylebook Notes Page


Here’s a post on how to search your notes after you’ve added your closet notes!

3 thoughts on “How To Save Clothing Notes

  1. Kamilla says:

    I’ve been searching for a tip that would help me with the following: As I don’t wear the same outfit each day I’m left with clothes-items that are not quite ready to og to the laundry basket. I want to make sure that I use the clothes and it’s not just pilled up so I forget hos many times it has been used since it was last cleaned.

    What I would like/feel that I’m missing is therefore the ability to add an extra status or a placing of the clothes. The best option would of course be if I could type in the number of uses an item should go through before cleaning – and the app then helped me with this. But if you already have an idea for a work a round I would be happy to hear about it.


  2. Allison says:

    Are there any plans to make the status options editable like the closet categories? I don’t need most of the built in ones but need others such as On Order or Donated. I can see others being useful as well – For Sale, Sold, etc. It seems like having to move items around when there’s a field intended to do just this is a bit tedious.


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