How To Reorder Icons

How To Reorder Stylebook Clothes and OutfitsDid you know that you can change the order of the clothing items and outfits inside your Stylebook categories? Rearranging your items is helpful if you want to organize your clothes by color or  move your in-season clothes to the top of the page. Below are instructions on how to move items around inside the Closet, Looks, and Inspiration features:

  1. Open the category in the closet, looks, or style insprations
  2. Tap “Select” at the bottom of the thumbnail screen
  3. Hold your finger over the item you’d like move and then drag it to where you’d like it to be positioned
  4. Tap “Done” when your finished rearranging items to save the new order


Note: In the closet, you can rearrange icons inside the subcategory folders but not while in “View All” mode  

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