Using Multiple Colors In Stylebook

How to select multiple colors in the notes of StylebookEach clothing entry in Stylebook has its own notes page where you can assign one or more colors to a single item. You can search for clothing by color while creating an outfit. Style Stats also breaks down your wardrobe by color, which can be helpful when you’re out shopping. Selecting multiple colors is particularly helpful for patterned items that may have two or more colors. Below are instructions on how to use this notes feature (including tips for people who are colorblind).

How To Select Multiple Colors

  1. Open the clothing item inside the Closet feature
  2. Tap the notes icon
  3. Select the color field
  4. Check the colors you’d like to assign this piece of clothing (You can select as many colors as you like and a preview of the checked colors will appear at the bottom of the screen)
  5. To deselect a color, tap the color square again or select “Uncheck All” at the bottom of the screen to deselect all of the current choices
  6. When your done tape the “< Details” button on the top left
  7. The colors you selected will appear as squares in the color fieldHow to Select Multiple Colors in Stylebook

Displaying Color Name

Some people may prefer to see the name of the color inside the color field on the notes page, especially if they are colorblind and have trouble identifying slight variations between similar shades. There is now a setting that will allow you to see color names instead of the color block preview. The color names only display the general color category (for example, “Red”) even though there may be a few shades of red to choose from. Choosing any of the shades will display the same “Red” color name. Here’s how to turn on color names:

  1. Select “Help” on the home screen
  2. Tap the “Settings” button (you may have to scroll down)
  3. Toggle the “Show Color Names” to green, which is the on positionHow To Turn On Color Names In Stylebook's Settings

Searching For Colors

You can also search for multiple colors at a time. You can choose to search all of the shades of a single color or for two completely different colors at the same time – like grey and green. If you prefer to search for a single shade, that’s also an option. For example, if you want to search only for gold items from the Metallics category simply check the gold square by itself and tap Search. How To Search For Colors

  1. Open the Closet feature
  2. Tap the magnifying glass on the top of the screen
  3. Select the color field
  4. Choose the color or colors you’d like to search for. To search all of the shades of a single color, tap the row that says “Select all X” at the top of the color group.
  5. Go back and choose any other search criteria you may want to add, like fabric or season, and then tap “SearchHow To Select Colors In Stylebook

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