Outfit Shuffle™ – How To Generate Outfits

How To Get Stylebook To Make Outfits For YouGet inspired by the clothes you already have by letting Stylebook make outfits for you! The Outfit Shuffle™ feature will shuffle your closet like a deck of cards to reveal outfits already hiding in your wardrobe. Here’s how it works: Select a few categories and then the app will randomly generate ten outfit ideas. Next, you can choose to save the looks your like or go back and shuffle again. Have fun looking for combinations that you’ve never tried before and breathe new life into your existing wardrobe. It’s kind of like playing the fashion lottery! (Available in Stylebook 7.0)

How To Use The Stylebook Outfit Shuffle™ Feature To Generate Outfits

Where to locate Outfit Shuffle™ inside Stylebook

  1. Open a category in the Looks feature
  2. Tap the shuffle icon on the top of the screen
  3. Choose three to eight categories that you’d like to see jumbled up
  4. Tap the shuffle button

    How To Generate Outfits Inside Stylebook

    How to initiate an Outfit Shuffle™

  5. Browse the outfit selections (reshuffle by going back and tap shuffle again)
  6. To save an outfit, tap the row to open the items in the editor
  7. Edit the outfit. You can rearrange and resize the items or add and delete clothing items.
  8. Tap save and you’ll be returned to the list of outfit ideas so you can save any others you liked
  9. Tap Done to complete the session

    How To Edit Outfit Shuffle™ Outfits

    How to save and edit a generated outfit

If you’d like to reshuffle the same categories again, simple press the < Outfit Shuffle™ button on the upper left while browsing the outfit results.

Tip: Choose specific categories like sweater, jeans, and boots if you’re hoping for seasonally appropriate outfits. If you were to choose a top-level folder like tops, instead of a subfolder like sweaters you may end up with a few outfits that have tank tops when you were actually hoping for cold-weather looks.

3 thoughts on “Outfit Shuffle™ – How To Generate Outfits

  1. Simon V.M. says:

    Hi, I use stylebook men and I love the app! I think the calender feature and the cost per wear makes me super-aware of how often I wear my clothes. There’s only one thing I’m missing: when I wore a combination of clothes and I want to save it as a look, I have to start from nothing. Can you please add a feature to save a look based on what you wore a certain day?


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