How To Use The Manual Erase Tools

Manually Erasing The Photo Background TipsBackground Editing Tools

Before you get started editing your images with Stylebook’s background tools, please see our tips on how to take photos that work with Stylebook. These tricks will save you a ton of time and usually eliminate the need to use the manual erase tools at all. As long as you’re following the photo tips, you shouldn’t need to use Manual Edit except for very minor cleanup. We recommend that you get familiar with the photo tips before you start taking your pictures for your virtual closet.

First, you’ll start with the automatic background slider to erase as much as you can without deleting part of the image, then use the Manual Edit tools to perfect the results. We recommend that you use a few of the tools in combination for the best results.

What Areas Should Be Manually Erased In Closet Photos

Often, the Manual Edit tools can help you improve an image that wasn’t taken under ideal conditions. In the example above, the photo background is very wrinkled and the lighting is uneven. This will cause an uneven background removal when you use the automatic tools. You could improve your setup and retake the image, or you could use the Manual Edit tools to clean up small  mistakes as I will demonstrate.

Start With Automatic Slider

After you take your clothing photo inside Stylebook, the automatic background removal slider will appear. If the initial background removal erased too much or too little of your image, try adjusting the tolerance by moving the slider. Move the slider to the right to restore more of the background and to the left to erase the background.

The key is to adjust the slider in small increments and erase as much of the background as you can without erasing any parts of your clothing. You can then use the Manual Edit tools to clean up the remaining background.

Note: The grey area represents the part of the image that has been erased. That area will appear transparent when you collage the image in an outfit. 

Background Removal Slider In Stylebook

Manual Eraser

Use Erase mode just like a pencil eraser: drag your finger across the screen to erase parts of the image.  You can adjust the size of the eraser with the slider at the bottom of the screen. This tool is ideal for large areas on the edges of the photo. Below are our top tips for getting the best results with this tool:

  1. Zoom into the image as much as you can with the Move tool before and then make the eraser as small as you can in Erase mode. 
  2. Erase in short, smooth movements. If you do only a small area at a time you can use Undo if you make a mistake without losing a lot of work.


Tap To Erase

Tap To Erase helps you clear a large area of similar color with a single touch. It’s ideal for erasing the background inside of purse handles or for erasing shadows and gradients. It’s also great for getting small areas of background that are right next to the piece of clothing. I find this faster than the eraser and often try it first. Below are our tips:

  1. Zoom out to see more of the image as a whole
  2. Use the slider to adjust the tolerance level of the eraser.
  3. Tap the area you’d like to erase. If too much is erased, then tap Undo and adjust the tolerance again.
  4. If the area you’re trying to erase is a similar color to the piece of clothing, start by decreasing the eraser’s strength by sliding the slider to the right.

Eraser Tool In Stylebook

The Finished Image and Editing After You Save

After using the various tools to edit your image, you’ll be left with a cleanly cut-out photo. Don’t forget that after you save your photo, you can always make more editing tweaks by opening the closet notes and tapping Edit Image. This will give you access to the editing tools again, just in case you missed a spot.

Finished Image

4 thoughts on “How To Use The Manual Erase Tools

  1. Barbara Crane says:

    Sometimes my Apple Pencil works with eraser. Most often it does not. Can you please tell me how to make it work when manually adjusting?


    • Stylebook Style Expert says:

      Hi Barbara, The manual edit tools are designed to work with finger gestures. We haven’t created tools to work with the Apple Pencil, so it may not work well. I recommend that you follow the tutorial’s instructions. Zooming in before erasing can make it easier. I hope that helps!


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