How To Email Your Stylebook Outfits & Clothes

How-To Email From StylebookDid you know you can email outfits or clothes from directly inside Stylebook? This is a fast and easy way to send photos to your friends of what you’re wearing later and ask them what they think. You can also email photos to your computer so you can print them out using iPhoto. The best part is you can send more than one item at once – even an entire category!

How To Email Stylebook Photos

How To Email Multiple Outfits or Clothing Items

  1. Open the Closet feature (if you’d like to send outfits, then open the Looks feature)
  2. Tap the category that contains the items you’d like to email (open it to thumbnail view)
  3. Tap “Edit” on the bottom right of the thumbnail screen
  4. Tap the items you’d like to include or tap “All” to include everything in that folder
  5. Tap the share icon (it looks like a box with an arrow)
  6. Tap “Send Mail” from the pop-up and an email window containing all of the selected items will open
  7. Fill in the recipients and tap Send

Note: Outfits emailed through Stylebook can’t be edited by the receiving user. If you want to send an editable outfit, please use Wifi Share.

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