How To Customize Your Stylebook Categories

How To Create New Categories In StylebookYou can add, edit or delete any of the categories inside Stylebook. Creating custom categories lets your organize your wardrobe exactly the way you want. For example, you could create closet and outfit folders for your second home, special events, weekend activities, etc. Learn how to take advantage of this feature with the tips below.

How To Add New Categories In Stylebook

How To Add A New Category and Subcategory To Your Stylebook Closet 

  1. Open the closet feature
  2. Tap “Edit” on the upper right of the category screen
  3. To add a new folder, tap “+ Folder” or, if you want to make a new subcategory in an existing folder, then tap the folder name and select “+ Add a Subcategory”
  4. Type the new folder name
  5. Tap “+ Add a Subcategory” and tap inside the blank box (where the cursor is) to begin typing and then tap Save when you’re finishedCustom_Category_Names3
  6. When you’ve added all your subcategories, tap “Done” on the upper right. (You must create at least one subcategory before you can save the new folder)
  7. Your new folder with its subcategories will appear at the bottom of the list

Adding categories in the looks and inspiration features is almost identical but these features don’t have subcategories. Simply tap Edit on the category screen and then select “+ Category” on the top left of the screen.

How To Delete A Category

The category must be empty before you delete it. You can either refile the images to a new folder or delete them permanently. Once the category is empty you can delete it in two ways. The first is to swipe your finger across the category name and then tap the delete button that appears on the right side of the category name. The second way is to follow the steps below:How To Delete Categories and Folders In Stylebook

  1. Tap “Edit” on the category screen
  2. Tap the minus next to the empty category you’d like to delete
  3. Tap the delete button

If you’d like to remove a subcategory, tap the folder name while in edit mode and then select the minus sign next to the subcategory’s name.

Edit An Existing Category Name

  1. Tap Edit on the category screen
  2. Tap the folder you’d like to edit
  3. Begin typing in the folder name box
  4. Tap “Done” to save

You can also customize the thumbnails that are displayed for each category – read our post on how to customize your category iconsHow To edit Category Names In Stylebook

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