How To Create An Outfit

How To Create Outfits In StylebookSaving your outfit ideas can help you get dressed faster and remind you about cute outfits when you feel totally uninspired by your wardrobe. Stylebook gives you a place to save all your outfit ideas in searchable folders (using photos of your real clothes). The next time you have a good outfit day, save your outfit in Stylebook! The tips below will teach you how to use the app to create outfit collages using photos of your real clothes.

How To Create Outfits In StylebookHow To Start A New Outfit

  1. Open the “Looks” feature on the home screen. This is where you’ll create and save all your outfit collages.
  2. Select the category where you’d like to save your outfit
  3. Tap the “+” on the upper right of the category screen to start a new outfitHow To Create Outfits In Stylebook
  4. A blank outfit titled “New Look” will open. Tap the “+” button on the lower left
  5. Tap “Add Clothing” to add items you saved in your Stylebook closet
  6. Select the folder that you’d like to add fromHow To Create Outfits In Stylebook
  7. A preview bar will appear at the bottom of the new look. Scroll to the right to see more thumbnails and then tap the item you’d like to add
  8. Repeat this process to add more items of clothing
  9. Pinch to resize and drag to reposition the clothing on the canvas

Resizing and Moving Clothes In An Outfit

  • When you add your clothes to an outfit, they’ll probably be larger than you’d like. You can resize them by pinching the item with your fingers (like when you zoom into a photo). You can also drag the item to any position on the canvas.How To Create Outfits In Stylebook
  • If you find that the item is difficult to grab (like a necklace or strappy pair of sandals), quickly double-tap the item to reveal an additional options menu. Select “Manual Resize” from the menu and then use the slider to resize the item.How To Create Outfits In Stylebook

Layering Items In An Outfit

  • Tap an item once to bring it to the front of the canvas
  • To send an item to the back, double-tap the item and then select “Send To Back”How To Create Outfits In Stylebook

Double-Tap Menu

You can perform the functions below by quickly double-tapping a piece of clothing while an outfit is in edit mode and choosing options from the pop-up menu:

  1. Delete Clothes From An Outfit – To remove a piece of clothing from the outfit, select ” Remove from Look”
  2. See Clothing Notes – To see notes for an individual piece of clothing in the outfit, select “Clothing Details”
  3. Reset Size – If you’ve made a piece of clothing too small, tap “Restore To Original Size” and it will become larger so you can more easily grab it
  4. See Shopping Page – Select “Open URL” to see the store website for any items that were added from the shopping feature. This is great if you’re testing out a piece of clothing with your wardrobe. (You can also see a list of shopping items at the bottom of the notes screen).Stylebook Outfit Tips

How To Save Notes To An Outfit 

Tap the notes icon in the bottom bar of the outfit screen (the icon looks like a square with a pencil). You can then use the magnifying glass on the main Looks screen to search through these keywords.

Additional Options

Next to the notes icon, you’ll notice some additional icons after your outfit has been saved. Below is a list of their functions:

  1. Clone outfit – This makes an exact copy of your outfit that can be edited and saved separately from the original
  2. Add To Calendar – Add this outfit to the calendar without leaving the “Looks” feature
  3. Delete Outfit  – This permanently removes the outfit from Stylebook
  4. Refile – Tapping this folder icon lets you move the outfit to a new looks folder
  5. Share  – email, tweet, text, pin, copy or transfer the outfit over wifi (If you want to send more than one outfit at once follow these instructions.)How To Create Outfits In Stylebook

How To Edit an Outfit After Saving

After you save an outfit in a Looks folder, you can always edit it again. Simply tap the thumbnail to see the full screen version and then tap the “Edit” button on the upper right.

Let Stylebook Make Outfits For You!

Our new Outfit Shuffle™ feature will mix up your categories to come up with new outfit ideas! Read how to use it here!

3 thoughts on “How To Create An Outfit

  1. Janet says:

    Well done! Love the app – you are so right about it providing inspiration. And I can plan what I’m going to wear instead of staring at my closet’s contents.


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