Add Clothes Without Taking Pictures

Add Clothes Without Taking PicturesYou don’t necessarily have to photograph all your clothes to add them to your Stylebook closet –  save time and get professional pictures by adding photos directly from stores with the app’s shopping feature!

After you buy a new piece of clothing, look to see if the item is in Stylebook’s shopping feature before you take a picture of it for your closet. The shopping feature has thousands of stores including Nordstrom, J.Crew, Forever21, LOFT, ASOS, Topshop and more – so you’ll likely to find what you’re look for. If you spot the item in the catalog, you can quickly add it to your closet right from the product page.

How To Add Clothes From Shopping

search button, keyword search filled in with product name and brand search, search results

Sometimes the item may not appear if your search terms are very specific. I start by searching for the product name. If the item doesn’t come up, but I know that it’s currently available in the store, I try to search more general criteria.

How To Add Store Photos To Your Stylebook Closet 

  1. Open the shopping feature
  2. Tap the magnifying glass on the upper right
  3. Select the brand or store from the search menu. (Searching by brand can yield better results since the product may be available at more than one department store.)
  4. Select additional search criteria like the type of item (shirt, skirt, etc.), price, color, product name etc. from the dropdown.
  5. Tap Search
  6. Once you spot the item in the grid, tap the thumbnail to open the product page. If you can’t find your item, try making your search less specific.

    Avoid Taking Photos For Stylebook With The Shopping Feature

    add image button, save to closet button, where to file your image

  7. Tap the “+” button
  8. Select “Save To Closet”
  9. Edit the image with background removal tools or leave the slider all the way to the right to keep the background as is
  10. Tap Save
  11. Select the category where you wantto save the item

    Shopping Feature

    outfit created with the shopping image

Here’s another tip: For the clothes you need to photograph, begin with the items that are currently in season. It’ll be much more satisfying to import items that you’re actually using in the upcoming weeks.

9 thoughts on “Add Clothes Without Taking Pictures

  1. Aniko says:

    How do I add to my closet if I’ve changed the color on the store’s website? For example, I found my top at Nordstrom’s, clicked Product Info which forwarded me to their site, selected the color I have, but I cannot find how to add the product in the color I own.


    • Stylebook Style Expert says:

      The shopping section of Stylebook uses the ShopStyle catalog, so we can only include brands that participate in the ShopStyle mobile API. If you’d like to see specific stores in the shopping section, please contact the brand directly and ask them if they’re planning to join ShopStyle.


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