Add Clothes Without Taking Pictures

Add Clothes Without Taking Pictures

Updated August 31, 2018

Clipper Tool

Save images from websites, just be sure to click through to the product image before clipping! This is a great way to save your purchases without taking photos of your clothes!


  1. Enter any website into the URL box or select from your bookmarks by taping the bookmarks icon at the top on the screen. (If you want to search, enter a search engine URL, for example
  2. Open the image you want to save. We recommend clicking through to the largest view to get a high-quality image.
  3. Once the screen has fully loaded “+Clip” will be available. Tap “+Clip” on the top right. You’ll see a preview of the images available to clip. If more than one is a valuable they will appear in a grid.
  4. Tap your image to select it to see a full screen preview. If more than one image is available, you’ll be able to swipe through the full screen images.
  5. Tap “Import” on the top right to add to your closet or inspirations
  6. Use the background removal tools to edit the image. Slide the slider back and forth to adjust the automatic removal and then clean up any extra spot with the eraser. If you slide all of the way to the right you can just keep the background.
  7. Save your images


Tip: Navigate back and forward between pages with the arrows on the lower left.

10 thoughts on “Add Clothes Without Taking Pictures

  1. Aniko says:

    How do I add to my closet if I’ve changed the color on the store’s website? For example, I found my top at Nordstrom’s, clicked Product Info which forwarded me to their site, selected the color I have, but I cannot find how to add the product in the color I own.


    • Stylebook Style Expert says:

      The shopping section of Stylebook uses the ShopStyle catalog, so we can only include brands that participate in the ShopStyle mobile API. If you’d like to see specific stores in the shopping section, please contact the brand directly and ask them if they’re planning to join ShopStyle.


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