How To Add Multiple Outfits To One Calendar Day

Stylebook Calendar

You can add multiple outfits and individual clothing items to a single day on the Stylebook calendar. You may want to add multiple outfits if you keep track of what you wear to work and the gym every day. Or you may just want to add an outfit and a few individual items if you want to track what coat you’re wearing or extra accessories you’re bringing for after-work drinks.How To Add Multiple Outfits and Clothes To The Calendar

How To Add Multiple Items To The Calendar

  1. Add your first item by tapping a day on the calendar and selecting either an outfit or piece of clothing
  2. Once the first item has been added, tap that same day again and the calendar entry will open. Then tap either “+ Clothing” to add an individual item or “+ Look” to add an outfit at the bottom of the screen.
  3. To see a larger view or to add searchable notes on the calendar date, simply tap one of the items in calendar entry list.Remove Item From Calendar

How To Remove An Item From The Calendar

There are two different ways to delete an item from the calendar:

  1. Open the calendar date by tapping the date in the calendar grid. Swipe across the items you’d like to delete and then tap the delete button.
  2. Open the calendar date by tapping the date in the calendar grid. Tap “Edit” on the upper right and then tap the red minus button next to the items you’d like to remove.

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