How To Backup Stylebook With iCloud

Using iCloud To Backup Stylebook
When you buy a new iPhone or iPad, you can transfer your entire closet from your old device using Apple’s iCloud backup and restore service! Here are our top tips on how to use iCloud and make sure you’re able to restore your Stylebook data onto your new iPhone or iPad!
How iCloud Works
iCloud is Apple’s method of backing up your device data. They bundle all your apps and their data by device. It’s a great way to move all of your apps, data, settings, wallpaper etc. to your new device if you replace it. Note that Apple designed iCloud to only retrieve your whole backup at once, so you can’t selectively restore a single app. Once the restore is complete, everything on your new device including your wallpaper, settings, all your apps, etc. will be identical to your old device.
How Your iCloud Account Is Divided
Make Sure iCloud Backup is Set Up Properly
Before setting up your new device, first double-check that your old device has actually completed a full backup. iCloud needs a wifi connection and you may not have been connected long enough for the backup to finish. You can look at the last backup time and confirm that Stylebook is included in the backup under Manage Storage in the iCloud menu section of your phone’s Settings app. Watch our short video to check your setup.
  1. Open the Settings app (grey gear icon)
  2. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen
  3. Tap iCloud
  4. Tap Manage Storage and you’ll see a list of your devices at the top of the screen.
  5. Tap Backup
  6. In that list you should see both your old iPhone and new iPhone. Tap your old phone and look at the latest backup date. If it says “Incomplete” then your old device didn’t have enough time on wifi to make a backup. Otherwise, it will have all of the data from your phone, exactly as it was on the date listed.
How To Turn On Stylebook Backup
When Can I Retrieve My Backup?
Apple gives you the opportunity to access your iCloud backup during the initial setup of your new iPhone or iPad.
Things To Look Out For While Doing iCloud Restore 
We recommend that you follow along with our restore video while going through the setup screens of your new phone. In the video we show exactly what to select in the setup menu to transfer your data with iCloud.  I also have a few important tips below.
    1. Connect to wifi. You must be on wifi to retrieve your data from your iCloud account.
    2. You must select “Restore From iCloud” from the setup menu. Do not select “Set up as new iPhone” or “Restore from iTunes Backup”. Choosing either of these options will result in either no backup data or outdated data being restored. How Get Backup From iCloud
    3. Carefully select the device that contains your Stylebook data from the “Choose Backup” menu you’ll see during the setup process. If you saved your data on your iPhone 5, be sure to tap that device from the menu. You can see the device name under the backup time on the menu. 

      How To Use iCloud Backup
    4. Wait patiently for iCloud backup to actually complete. Depending on your internet connection, it can take hours for iCloud to finish. If it isn’t finished yet, Stylebook may look like a grey icon that says “Waiting…” If you wait overnight and it’s still grey or a grid, your download may have paused. Call 1-800-MY-APPLE and let them know that you’re having problems with your iCloud restore – they’ll be able to help you make sure it finishes.

      Grey Icon On iPhone or iPad
I Did The iCloud Restore, but I Don’t See Stylebook. Now What?
When your backup is complete, everything on your new phone should be identical to your old phone – the same wallpaper, same settings, same apps, and all your apps should be properly logged in. However, it can take hours for the backup to finish downloading onto your new phone – even overnight. Since Stylebook is one of your largest apps, you may see a grey icon that says “Waiting…” under it or a greyed-out Stylebook icon until it has fully downloaded.
Leave your phone on wifi until the restore is complete.  If you complete the setup and don’t see all your old information, you may have accidentally restored with the incorrect settings and should redo the restore process immediately. Apple has instructions on what to do if this happens and we also have a few tips. You can also use the alternative iTunes-based restore process described at the bottom of this post.
 iCloud Restore Over Wifi
How To Redo Your Restore
If you already setup your new phone without doing the restore or accidentally chose the wrong setting you can restart the transfer process and try again.
  1. Immediately redo your iCloud backup with Apple’s iCloud instructions. Alternatively, use these instructions to use iTunes to backup your old device and then restore to your new device using your computer. If you restart the iCloud restore process, we recommend that you follow along with our restore video when your first turn on your new phone so the backup is transferred properly.
  2. Before you try it again, make sure that your old phone actually backed up to iCloud with our how-to video. If Stylebook is included, it will have a green switch next to it and show the size of the backup under the app title.
What If I Don’t Want To Use iCloud But Still Want A Stylebook Backup?
If you don’t want to use iCloud, you can also restore Stylebook from iTunes. Although we generally recommend using the iCloud backup (because you don’t need to remember to sync), you can use iTunes to backup and restore your data to your computer by following Apple’s instructions. Note that iTunes backups are only updated when you plug your phone into your computer and manually start a backup – unlike iCloud, which is automatically backed up every day.

4 thoughts on “How To Backup Stylebook With iCloud

  1. Nadine says:

    first I wanted to tell you that I tested all of the wardrobe organizer apps out there and stylebook is by far the best and most functional one! Thank you so much for your hard work.
    I still have a few questions. Are there any updates planned for the app with new features? For example multiple colors for one item or which year/season the item was bought and of course automatic sync for devices would be awesome… and maybe some cool features for bloggers. You could also publish a feature request on your website where users can vote for their most wanted features… 😉


  2. Emma says:


    Is there a way to share my packing lists on my phone onto my iPad?
    I can only figure out how it share clothes and individual items.

    Thanks 🙂


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