Resizing Clothing

How To Make Clothes Smaller

When you create an outfit inside Stylebook, you have the option to resize each piece of clothing to any size you’d like. This comes in handy because sometimes when you first import an item into an outfit, it may look too large or even completely cover the other pieces of clothing. There are two different ways to change the size of an piece of clothing in a Stylebook outfit.

The first way to is to pinch the item, while your outfit is in edit mode. Drag your thumb and pointer finger on the screen in a pinching motion to shrink or enlarge the items. Some items can be difficult to grab if they have an unusual shape – in that case, you can use the manual resize method listed below.

How To Manually Resize Hard-to-Grab Clothing

  1. Open the outfit and tap “Edit”
  2. While in edit mode, double-tap the item
  3. Select “Manual Resize” from the pop-up
  4. Slide the slider to resize the item
  5. Tap “Done” when you’re satisfied with the sizeStylebook Manual Resize

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