Share Between iPhone and iPad

Share Stylebook Data Between iPhone and iPad

You can easily send Stylebook outfits, clothes and inspirations between your devices with Wifi Share. But fortunately, there’s no need to send them one at a time! Find out how to transfer multiple items or an entire category at once with this quick tutorial.

Scroll to the bottom to watch a quick introductory video!

How To Wifi Transfer Multiple Items

1. If you’re sending information to an iPad, turn on its Wifi Accept Mode by opening Wifi Share on the iPad and tapping Start Accepting. Only the receiving device needs to be in Accept Mode. (To put an iPhone in Accept Mode, simply open the Wifi Share feature.)

Stylebook Wifi Share On iPad

2. Now open a thumbnail category screen on your sending device. In this case I will be sending multiple work outfits from an iPhone 6 to an iPad Mini. Tap “Edit” on the bottom of the thumbnail screen and tap the items you’d like to include or tap “All” if you’d like to send everything in that category (the selected items will be highlighted with a grey square).

You Don't Have To Wifi Share One At A Time

Tap the share icon (arrow with a box, highlighted above) and choose Wifi Share from the pop-up menu.
3. Select the receiving device from the menu. This list will show all devices on the same wifi network that are running Stylebook in Wifi Accept mode. If both devices are connected to the same network but don’t see each other right away, exit Wifi Share on both devices and then return. After choosing where to send your items from the list, make sure to accept the transfer on the receiving device.
How To Wifi Share
4. Stylebook will transfer your outfits and will automatically include all of their individual clothing and inspiration components. Items that have already been transferred in the past will be automatically skipped, avoiding duplicates and saving time.
5. Before you save your items to the receiving device you must choose which category they’ll be filed into. If you’re sending a jacket from the subcategory “Blazers” and the receiving device also has a subcategory named “Blazers”, Stylebook will automatically file that item. If there is no matching category, just tap any item that wasn’t automatically filed to chose where it should be saved.
6. After selecting all the categories, press Save and wait for the transfer to complete.
Complete Wifi Transfer

4 thoughts on “Share Between iPhone and iPad

  1. Carolina says:

    When I want to work with only a small part of my closet, I use my old iPhone and follow these directions to move only some of my clothing. For example, I have a week trip coming up so I only moved the pieces that I am considering taking. I move over any looks I like. Then I can sort and remove clothing without effecting my main StyleBook. I love this app!!!


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