Finding Outfits That Use The Same Item

Stylebook On The iPad

If you want to wear a particular piece of clothing but don’t know what to wear it with, you can use Stylebook to look up all the outfits you’ve ever saved that include it. It’s easy to look up your saved outfits that use that exact item – here’s how:

  1. Open the item you want to wear in the closet feature
  2. Tap the notes icon on the lower left
  3. Tap “Used in “X” outfits on the notes screen and you’ll get a grid of the all the outfits you’ve ever saved that use that item.

Outfits That Use A Certain Piece Of Clothing

6 thoughts on “Finding Outfits That Use The Same Item

  1. Minda says:

    I have found this feature to be very helpful, but I do have a question that stems from this. Say I have a top that I love, and I have it used in six different outfits. Something happens to this top, and I have to replace it with a different one that I love more and will still go with those same six different outfits. What would be the best way to make this swap in the app without editing all six outfits to delete the old top and insert the new one?

    The only way I can currently see to do it is edit the first top’s file with the photograph and information of the new top (since obviously the first top is going to the donate or garbage pile for whatever reason) and allow Stylebook to use that information instead, automatically updating my outfits. But, doesn’t that effect the cost per wear negatively because it looks at the times I have worn the old top and uses that information for the calculation on the new top? Is there another workaround that I am missing that would work better, or should I just re-create the outfits with the new top? TIA!!


    • Stylebook Style Expert says:

      You’re correct, the Replace Image feature on the notes screen is the only way to automatically replace the image in all of the outfits, but like you said, this will cause the old stats to be attached to the new image. If you want the stats to be new, I recommend that you create a new entry for the new clothing item. Then open the outfits, delete the old top by double tapping it and pressing delete, then add the new top.


      • Minda says:

        Let’s say that I have just picked up a new pair of sneakers to replace a pair that are worn down and ready for the retirement life of being gardening sneakers. If I use the tactic of adding the new sneakers as a new entry, then opening up the outfits that used the old pair and replacing the old sneakers with the new ones does that make the new ones now read as worn X amount of times based on how often I have logged the outfit with the old pair of sneakers or does it only look at data going forward?

        It seems like to keep the stats correct we have to re do the look with the new sneakers and log that one from current day forward. We will end up with looks that are duplicated by replacing items that are worn out, so should those looks be moved to a new folder like an archive?


  2. Stylebook Style Expert says:

    If you want to keep the original outfits than I recommend moving them to a folder that you name “archive”. You can always use the clone outfit button to create a copy of the outfit, which you can place the clothing new item in.


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