Move Outfit or Clothing To New Folder

Move Closet Photos In Stylebook

Sometimes you may want to move an outfit or a piece of clothing to a new folder. It’s easy to refile items and you can even move more than one item at once. (The same rules also apply to moving photos in the inspiration feature)

How To Move One Item To A New Folder

the refile icon; the category where I’d like to move the bag image; after tapping the category, you can see the item has moved

How To Refile A Single Item 

  1. Open the outfit or clothing
  2. Tap the folder icon on the bottom (second from the left)
  3. Select the new folder where you’d like it to be stored and voila!

    How To Move Multiple Items To A New Folder

    location of the Edit button, items you select are highlighted with a grey background, select the new folder location from the list

How To Refile Multiple Items At Once

  1. Open the closet category
  2. Tap Edit while on the thumbnail screen
  3. Tap the items that you’d like to move while in edit mode (they’ll highlight grey)
  4. Tap the folder icon in the bottom toolbar
  5. Select the new location from the list

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