Choosing A Good Background Color For Closet Photos

What Background Color To Use

To get the best and fastest background removal results while photographing your clothes for Stylebook, choose the right background color and follow our simple photo rules.

  • take the photos under bright, preferably natural light (I like to take photos on Saturday morning)
  • clear all other items from the frame (like the edge of a rug or your feet)
  • use a solid color, smooth background like a sheet (Target sells inexpensive single flat sheets if you need to buy one). Don’t use carpet, fleece, tile, wood, or any other textured surface – keep it as smooth as possible.

But how do you know if you should choose blue, green, black, white or whatever for your background color? There is one simple rule that will work every time: contrast!

In other words, your background should be a distinctly different color from all parts of the piece of clothing. For example, if you’re photographing a black-and-white t-shirt, the background color can be any shade of blue, yellow, red, green (basically any color except black or white).

You can apply this rule to all pieces of clothing with multiple colors including busy patterns like paisley, fair isle, ikat – anything. Just select a background color that isn’t in the pattern.

One size doesn’t fit all. As in the example, a yellow background works well for black, white, and grey items. However, it wouldn’t work for colors like orange, yellow, and beige because they are too similar.

If you have further questions about background removal, send an image you’ve taken to our support team for personalized tips.

Bonus Tip:

Try using bulletin board paper instead of a sheet!

7 thoughts on “Choosing A Good Background Color For Closet Photos

  1. Patricia H. says:

    Hi, I thought that I could photograph white items over a black sheet but it seems that this is not a very useful combination (I couldn´t think of a higher contrast!) What do you reccommend as background color for white items? Thanks a lot.


  2. lynn says:

    so do you go into each category and make your own outfits? Ex: you go and pick a skirt then go into blouses and YOU pick a blouse that coordinates to the skirt? you choose what goes well with each outfit?


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